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I am honored to write the forward to this insightful, engaging work on the use of flags in worship. In this day when worship arts has taken its rightful place in our worship experience, Delores has written this book with clarity, practicality and application for pastors and those who want to take worship arts to a new dimension. Her determination to ground her work in scripture is only exceeded by the revelation she shares from the scriptures. Her theology is sound. Her biblical history is on point. All of this is done in a manner that anyone can understand. I so enjoyed the book that I am now going to use it as one of the teaching tools in our Worship Arts Ministry. Up to now, I have enjoyed the ministry of flags during worship. After reading Delores’ book, I now understand the purpose and power of flags in worship, and so will you. Finally, Delores takes us beyond our natural senses of enjoying flags in worship. She takes us to the biblical knowledge that flags can heal, deliver and set free in the context of worship. This seminal work is going to cause the kingdom to grow in worshiping and praising our Heavenly Father and it will cause you to grow as well.

-Bishop Geoff rey V. Dudley, Sr., D.Min.
Senior Pastor
New Life in Christ Interdenominational Church

“As I read your chapter on A Supernatural Operation, it became clear to me the Lord has beautifully downloaded His purpose for His flags and am blessed beyond measure to hear of your experiences with flags and the scriptures that are the basis for your book. I felt a quickening in my spirit as I read this chapter and look forward to reading more when you publish your book. . . I’m teaching a class at our church in the summer and would love to use a few of the paragraphs in your chapter as well as share one or two of your testimonies about what happened when you were faithful to wave flags unto the Lord. It’s powerful! I pray His blessings, more than you can hold, for being obedient to write His book.” –

Teri, Banners for the

“This book is a mighty sword and heavily anointed. It has surely blessed me and given much revelation in these two chapters. . . There will be many using this tool to tear down the works of the enemy, overthrow and thwart his plans and put him to flight!” -Tyisha